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The Institut Protestant de Théologie is an institution of higher education made of two faculties, one located in Montpellier and the other in Paris. Their main task is to provide the protestant higher education in theology and religious studies. The institution proposes the validation of a three-year training for a degree in Theology through online education.
For further information :
you can refer to the IPT site or to the French pages.
The teaching, open to everybody, is entirely given in French language.
It is divided into four departments : Bible studies – Historical studies – Systematic theology – Practical theology.
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discover what the training is all about.

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Pieces of information

The online education provided by the IPT is a demanding academic training.
The teaching is entirely given in French as well as the written and oral examinations. Therefore a very good level in French language is required.
You are not confident enough about attending all the training in French ?
You think you will not be able to manage to do it ?
If so do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free trial period.

Contact – Online education service

Administrative manager Céline Rohmer

The online education office is oppened on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00 am and from 1:30 to 4:30 pm

Postal address :
Enseignement à Distance
13 rue Louis Perrier
Secretary’s offices :
13, rue Louis-Perrier
34000 Montpellier – France
Tlf. : (33) 04 67 06 45 71
Fax : (33) 04 67 06 45 92
83, boulevard Arago
75014 Paris – France
Tlf. : (33) 01 43 31 61 64
Fax. (33) 01 43 31 62 67

Several sites offer a free acces to French publications, handbooks and/or periodicals that might be useful all along your theological and religious studies. You will find a list of these free and open digital resources from the French pages.