The online education is intended for all persons who can’t or do not wish to attend the lessons at the faculties of the institution and who want to start, carry on or complete their studies in theology. The degrees awarded have the same value as those obtained by attending on-site courses.

The IPT has acquired extensive experience in correspondence courses and distance learning.  An online distance learning is now provided for the four main departments of theology:

–        Department of Biblical studies: Hebrew and Greek languages, Old and New Testament, exegesis of texts

–        Department of Historical studies: Ancient History, Modern History, Contemporary History of Christianity, Ecumenism and Missiology.

–        Department of Systematic theology: Dogmatic, Ethics, Philosophy, Religious Psychology

–        Department of Practical theology: catechetical formation, homiletics, Pastoral care, Ecclesiology, Diaconia

Distance learning enables to complete a diploma curriculum in theological and religious studies at your own pace and adapted to your personal situation.

For any question or other information, please contact the study service.