A demanding training program

Online Education as proposed by the IPT is demanding training course, based on the academic working rhythm, wich provides the same contents, the same professors, the same examinations and the same diplomas as the classroom training period.

An interactive training course

The students are invited to discuss and to debate on a collaborative digital workspace in order to make the lessons their own. A personal monitoring is proposed to each student.

A full training

Both faculties of the IPT offer the possibility to achieve a degree in Theology through the validation of the whole university curriculum. (Licence 1, Licence 2, Licence3). Theological and Religious studies are divided into four departments: Biblical studies, Historical studies, Systematic theology and Practical theology.

Biblical studies

The department of biblical studies includes the study of the Old Testament languages (Hebrew and Greek) and the use of specific tools to study the biblical corpus, to understand the various historical contexts, to get acquainted with Biblical exegesis and theology.

Professors in Old Testament:

Corinne Lanoir corinne.lanoir@iptheologie.fr

Dany Nocquet dany.nocquet@univ-montp3.fr

Professors in New Testament:

Valérie Nicolet-Anderson vnicoletanderson@iptheologie.fr

Elian Cuvillier elian.cuvillier@univ-montp3.fr

History of Christianity

This department offers the possibility to study the History of Christianity and of Theology through the main periods of History from Antiquity to the 21st Century. It includes the study of the early Christianity History and the Patristics, the study of the History of Christianity: modern era, Reformation and Enlightenment. This department also offers a curriculum in Contemporary History of Christianity especially in Ecumenism and missiology.

Professors of ancient and patristics history:

Anna Van Den Kerchove anna.van-den-kerchove@iptheologie.fr

Professors of modern history:

Chrystel Bernat chrystel.bernat@gmail.com

Pierre-Olivier Léchot pierre-olivier.lechot@iptheologie.fr

Professors of contemporary history:

Gilles Vidal gilles-louis.vidal@univ-montp3.fr

Systematic theology

The Department of Systematic Theology includes the study of the doctrines of Christianity, the different interactions of the doctrines with philosophy, their ethical implications and the learning of religious psychology.

Professors of systematic theology, philosophy, ethics:

Olivier Abel o.abel@univ-montp3.fr

Marc Boss marc.boss@iptheologie.fr

Professors of systematic theology, dogmatics:

Guilhen Antier guilhen.antier@yahoo.fr

Frédéric Chavel frederic.chavel@iptheologie.fr

Practical theology

The Department of Practical theology includes the analysis of the relationships between Churches and Societies, the discovery of pedagogy of religion, the introduction to the communication of the Gospel in contemporary society and the study of pastoral and ecclesial practices (catechetical instruction, homiletics, pastoral care, liturgy, ecclesiology, social practice, etc.).

Professors of practical theology:

Claude Levain claude.levain@univ-montp3.fr

Raphaël Picon raphael.picon@iptheologie.fr

Christophe Singer c.singer@free.fr